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Including People with Disabilities

Limerick Hockey Club is a young, vibrant, progressive and inclusive club.

The club provides a safe, fun and courteous environment for all children & adults to learn the game, develop hockey skills, make friends, get fit and compete.

The club is strong on youth development, parental and family involvement and club social activities.

LHC has a positive attitude about the inclusion of people with disabilities we currently have members who would have a disability learning, sensory, visual, emotional/behavioural, and physical), they are fully integrated within the club structure.

LHC encourages and promotes continuous coach development which we understand is crucial to the growth of our players at every level, and support will provided to assist in planning how people with disabilities can best participate in all aspects of the club’s activities (e.g. playing, coaching and club administration).

Coaches meeting in September will include “Good Practise Guidelines for the inclusion of people with disabilities, and support documents for coaches will be available.

For more information, please refer to the following document.