Junior Training


Saturday Morning - 9am - 10am
U10 Girls
U12 Girls

Saturday Morning - 10am - 11am
U9 - 11 Boys
U15 Boys
Micro Newbies (4.5+  year olds) 10am - 10.45am

Sunday Morning - 9am - 10am
U14 Girls Rock n Rave

Sunday Morning - 10am - 11am
U14 Girls Hip Hop


Saturday Morning - 9.30am - 10.30am
U10 Girls

Saturday Morning - 10.30am - 11.30am
U12 Girls
U14 Girls Rock n Rave


Saturday Morning - 11.30am - 12.30am

U14 Girls Hip Hop
U16 Girls

Junior FORMS

Consent Form for Blitz


Parents/guardians it is vital that the children listen to both their coach and the volunteers while on these trips. It is necessary for you to instil this in your child. Whilst the aim is to have a fun day out, with some good hockey played, your child is first of all representing YOU and the club and lastly LIMERICK.

What to Wear/Bring etc.

Parents please beware that children need a healthy lunch and adequate clothing for these away matches as well as home blitzes. Whereby we all like to give our children treats they will not keep their energy levels up for both the travelling and the day of games so please ensure that they have a healthy lunch with them. Also it is vital that the children are kept warm so please put in a change of clothes and an extra fleece for this purpose and rain jacket.

Of course full match gear goes without saying to include gum shield, shin guards and hockey Astro-turf shoes. No child will be allowed play without these.

Always remember - No gum shield, no shin guards, no hockey Astro- turf shoes No GAME.

Arrive Togged Out Ready for Game

  • Wear shin guards, gum shield and proper hockey Astro-turf shoes on the pitch.
  • Be courteous and polite to team-mates, opposition and umpires etc.
  • Anyone turning up with the incorrect gear or missing gear will “not” be selected to play.

Having the correct gear is a safety issue not a fashion statement. The Committee & Coaches appreciate that you have taken the time to read this. It has lots of information that you will need throughout the season and it will stop the coaches and administrators from unnecessarily repeating themselves.

General Guidelines

Each age group will have a coordinator who will be responsible for all administration.


Parent Volunteer Programme

  • Once a parent/guardian has been allocated a date, if you are unable to attend YOU must find your replacement.
  • One Saturday is required from YOU for EACH child.
  • You will find this enjoyable. No experience is required, just be there to help your child.
  • Remember all the coaches and committee members are volunteers.
  • Without them there would be no club for your children to experience. The coordinator will allocate each parent/guardian one Saturday in the season to act as an Assistant to the group. (Roll call, collect bibs, balls, cones, assist in setting up drills, attend any players not feeling well).

Dates for your Diary

  • Sat 10th Dec 2016 - Parents Vs Juniors (Christmas Holidays)
  • 10th / 11th Dec 2016 - Last Junior Training for 2016
  • 7th Jan 2017 - Back to Training.
  • 8th April - Parents Vs Juniors - Last day of Hockey

Club Gear

Full Club Kit MUST be worn for all blitzes/matches (your child will not be permitted to play in a tracksuit).

All Club kit can be bought from SoHockey, Ballycummin Raheen.

Full kit is as follows:


  • Ladies pink shirt
  • Pink Club Hoody
  • Navy Skort
  • Navy/Pink Club Socks
  • Hockey Astro-Turf Shoes

Hair must be tied up and kept off child’s face with a hair Band


  • Men’s Navy/Pink Shirt
  • Navy Club Hoody
  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy/Pink Socks
  • Hockey Astro-Turf Shoes

Juniors must play in a club shirt. Pink or Navy warm vests can also be worn under the shirt. Failure to wear full club kit will result in you being unable to play.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Ensure your child is at training and games on time.
  • Be supportive of all the players on the team.
  • Refrain from criticising the opposing team.
  • Encourage your child to be a team player.
  • Give positive feedback.
  • Encourage your child to have fun rather than putting all the importance on winning.
  • Respect the officials.
  • Respect the role of the coach and please refrain from coaching your child during games.


All children must respect their coaches & fellow players and listen to instruction; the coaches will use the Umpiring Carding System.

  • Green WARNING 2 minutes in zoned area.
  • Yellow SIN BIN 10 minutes in zoned area.
  • Red OFF Parents contacted.


Parents should not “Drop & Go” before the appropriate time and/or before a coach has arrived to take the session. We cannot accept any responsibility prior to/or after the appropriate training time.


LHC has become aware that many parents are not staying to support their child when they play blitzes. Your child will benefit from moral support from the sideline. It is a ‘BIG’ day for them.


You will be advised by text in October of the Blitzing Fixtures List. You must return the permission slip for season with payment (covers all bus costs).Cost to be advised later.

Permission slips and fixtures can be downloaded from the LHC web site and forwarded to the relevant coordinator.

As a Parent/Guardian you will be required to help at away matches or home blitzes and you will be called upon to give a helping hand. Supervision is required and your help is needed.

Coordinators will issue texts regarding upcoming blitzes. Answer all texts sent to you concerning blitzes stating whether your child is available or not to travel. Include your child’s name and your ability to travel with the group.

If you do not reply to the text you cannot expect your child to have a place on the team.

Details of the Blitz departure times will be posted on the LHC Facebook Page. It is the parent’s/Guardian’s responsibility to ensure a filly or colt is entered as due to high numbers it will be on a first come basis.

Travelling to Away Matches

  • Each child must be at the bus no later than 15 minutes before departure and seated no later than 5 minutes before departure as this enables the travelling coach to confirm numbers.
  • The bus will not wait if you are late.
  • The bus does not stop on the way down to or up from Cork – this delays arrival and return.
  • We would appreciate if juniors did not ask the coaches “to go to the shop”.
  • Please ensure children are collected promptly as it will have been a long day and the Coaches and volunteers will have their own family commitments.

Travel Sickness

Please advise coaches if your child suffers from car sickness.

Code of Conduct for Junior Players

Arrive at the meeting point (away games) or pitch (home games) at the pre arranged times. This is your responsibility not your parents/guardians.

Child Protection

Hope Davidson - 086 8247369 -

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring that children know how and whom they can report their concerns to within the club.
  • Encouraging the participation of parents/guardians in club activities.
  • Co-operating with parents to ensure that each child enjoys his/her participation in hockey.

John Battles - 087 121 2452 -

  • Maintaining knowledge of the Code of Ethics and Statutory guidelines.
  • Being familiar with and able to carry out reporting procedures if necessary.
  • Communicating with parents and/or agencies as appropriate.
  • Assisting with the ongoing development and implementation of clubs child protection training.